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Bringing Theatre To Your Home Decor

Now that I am spending 99.9% of my time in my home as the UK remains in lockdown, I have been forced to take a look around my two bed rented terrace and wonder how I can cheer the place up a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Victorian home with its bay windows, dark wood slab floors and walls painted grey, dark green and light blue. It’s adorned with pieces collected from local antiques warehouse (mainly cat figurines, I won’t lie) and a rather esteemed collection of vintage bar tools accompanied by once thoroughly enjoyed and now empty bottles.

However, having moved in only last Autumn, extra finishing touches of decoration are yet to be added. You know, frames to be hung and curtains to be changed. Considering the inside of people’s homes is all anybody has to post for content at the moment, I’ve been struck by inspiration and thinking about how to incorporate theatre into my home.

Well, we all wish we could live in a musical, don’t we?

Living Room

The front room is most likely the first that people will see when they are welcomed into your home, so here is the place to really showcase your obsession – I mean, passion – for the arts. Sitting pride of place in our living room is our record player, and as a frequent charity shopper, our record collection includes the soundtracks to Miss Saigon, West Side Story and The Phantom of the Opera to name a few. The “movies and soundtracks” sections of charity shops and vintage stores almost always include original West End and Broadway recordings for just a couple of quid a piece.

Even if you’re not planning to listen to them often or even at all, the vinyl sleeves make for beautiful prints to be framed. Perhaps choose covers that match or contrast your colour scheme or theme, and use different frames to create a mosaic that show off your personality and can grow as you find pieces to add.

I love:

This record display shelf on Etsy

A record display frame from John Lewis

Dining Room

There is nothing more romantic than a French dining room. With a forest green painted feature wall against sea green, our dining room features a vintage black library trolley that we use for cocktail making, a simple bookshelf and decorative boxes full of our eclectic collection of original board games. You'd be surprised by how much more competitive old games are, and also how gorgeously twee their boxes are! For the Parisian touch, we have a large round wooden clock and framed vintage circus prints displaying the world’s strongest man, a fortune teller and La Belle Irene.

France is the stage for many beautiful shows, including; the iconic The Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and The Hunchback of Notre Dame and more recently, the fan favourites Amelie, Anastasia and Moulin Rouge. Whether you choose delicate Spring pales or moodier, darker greens and reds; add a touch of seduction and sweetness to your dining space with vintage prints, lovely gold candelabras and tea sets, and French porcelain.

I love:

These Moulin Rouge canvases from icanvas

Porcelain tea sets from Wayfair


Unfortunately, our home doesn’t leave us much to work with. Our kitchen is thin and long, meaning that there’s only really space for one person in there at a time. Which works for me, as my partner can’t complain about doing the cooking! Adding black and white tiles to your kitchen can make for a diner feel that tributes Waitress and Grease, and hanging patterned aprons on hooks can instantly add flashes of vibrancy.

I love:

The aprons available from John Lewis


I will admit, I have an affinity for animal print. I’m not quite at the level of Carole Baskin, but enjoy a good subtle leopard print. Where better to let this loose than in the bedroom... am I right!? Pay tribute to The Lion King with animal print bedding and add some lightness to the setting with potted houseplants and wicker storage baskets. Consider remembering your travels with a world map, and place pins in the countries that you have visited as inspired by Come From Away. Compliment the sentiment and see stars as you fall asleep with a night sky reflector, like the one in Pritti's bedroom in Everybody's Talking About Jamie.

A bedside book can tell a lot about a person. My favourites include Lin-Manuel Miranda’s collection of pep talks, G’Morning G’Night and Hamilton: The Revolution, a deep dive into the production of the show.

I love:

Bedding from George at ASDA

This scratch off world map from Oliver Bonas

Spare room

My partner and I are in a quiet battle to claim the spare room as our own, for one half is a dressing room and the other contains a desk and a gaming computer. If you’re lucky enough to have space for clothes and dressing, you could consider taking inspiration from a backstage dressing room. Light boxes make it easy to claim your space and see your name up in lights, and a stagey mirror provides the flattering reflection that you deserve.

Nothing means more to us theatre lovers than the words spoken on stage, and these can shape the heart of your dressing room. Consider placing cards or prints of your favourite quotes to motivate your get up and go in the morning, add a sign to the door with your name on it and keep a personalised robe handy.

I love:

Light boxes from Typo

These quote prints from Little Shop Of Prints


White and blue is the most perfect colour combination for bathrooms, and to tribute Mamma Mia! Fresh white walls with navy accessories give a fresh feel and are reminiscent of summer holidays. Whether you pick one shade of blue or mix across the scale, there’s a lot of opportunity to have fun with shower curtains, towels and dispensers. Some rustic light wood furniture such as a shelving unit or for storage, add an authentic feel.

I love:

An ocean coloured shower curtain from H&M Home

Laundry baskets from Dunelm

I'd love to see how you show your love for theatre in and around your home!