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Finding The Magic of Musical Theatre In Your Wardrobe

Okay, I will be the first to admit it. Since going into lockdown, I can count on my fingers the amount of times that I have gotten fully dressed and ready for the day – to the point where I look even socially presentable.

Perhaps it boils down to a lack of motivation, or even a loss of care for myself and my appearance, but it has simply become my way of being. I’ve been aware of the fact that I’ve worn the same jumper for comfort for the last four days, and my trousers are sagging at the knees crying for a wash. I’m fully aware that it has been a problem. Ive been avoiding mirrors and being the only person in the Zoom call without my camera on. Yet, I just couldn’t conjure up the energy to change that and make myself feel, well, good. Somehow, the most monotonous daily tasks that formed my daily routine are slipping from my control.

This week, I took a trip to the office to pick up some post (a trip! To the outside!) and found a desire to freshen up a bit in the event of running into a colleague. It had me thinking that my mind has been subconsciously wired to only make an effort for the benefit of other people, when in private I have been depriving myself from the routine and revitalisation that I so need.

Feeling at ends with myself having neglected my appearance, my identity and my sense of self, I started to look around at all the little things that used to form part of my daily attire. A Matilda-esque headband pushing back my bangs, a Disney t-shirt from Zara and my denim jacket with a smiling Mickey Mouse cheering me on in my day, the Sharks pin badge buttoned to my rucksack, the Waitress bracelet that sits on my wrist and jingles as I write... Without realising or giving it a second thought, the way I dressed was a projection of what I love and that used to bring me joy, every day. By neglecting those things, I had in a sense neglected my own identity.

Desperate to get it back and find my mojo once more, I looked through my wardrobe and thought about ways to add that razzle dazzle into isolation outfits, as inspired by the characters we know and love.

Mary Poppins inspired umbrella

Perhaps my most cherished of Christmas presents, it makes the perfect companion for those daily walks in the rain. You can’t help but smile at the parrot handle. Get your own, on Amazon.

Some Heather approved plaid

Be it a shirt or a skirt, plaid is always a good idea!

/ style your hair into an up do and rock as one of the nicest kids in town!

A simple striped tee

Today is going to be a good day… wear a striped tee and the sentiment behind the loving line of Dear Evan Hansen. Though perhaps forgo the broken arm.

/ go all out with striped everything, and channel your inner Beetlejuice.


There’s nothing quite as comfortable as a pair of flared trousers, and luckily for us theatre-fans we knew they’d circulate back into mainstream fashion thanks to musical favourite, Mamma Mia. The bigger and brighter, the better!

Absolutely anything pink

“Being true to yourself never goes out of style!” says Elle Woods, and on this occasion, it could not be more true.

/ all the more reason if it’s a Wednesday!

Red shoes

The staple of a classic musical! Think Kinky Boots, The Wizard of Oz and Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

Leather jacket

Grab some hair gel or rollers and become a student at Rydell High!

Dressing gown

If all else fails, pull up your hood and pretend it is a robe and you are in the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

However you are spending this isolation, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, never stop being you. Doing one thing a day that makes you smile is an achievement. I am going to try and do that for myself first thing in the morning - starting with when I first look in the mirror.

I would love to hear your ideas and how you reflect your love of theatre in how you look! Tweet me, @Tanyelala or Instagram @CheekyLittleMatinee