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How To Take A Trip To Theatreland Whilst In Lockdown

The Bank Holiday weekend stretches out in all its glory, and most of us are confined to our homes and if we’re lucky, a patch of grass for our gardens. Ordinarily the extra days away from the office would have seen me take an overnight trip to Theatreland to enjoy great entertainment, adventure time with family and some chocolate treats in the interval.

With the sun shining and plenty of time on our hands, here are a few suggestions on how you can transform your home into a West End show this weekend.

1. Watch Fleabag with a gin tin in hand

Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s iconic one woman show, Fleabag, is now available to stream on demand via Soho Theatre. Whether you love the TV series, managed to bag a hot ticket to the show last year or caught it in its early production - or all three – now is the perfect time to revisit Waller-Bridge’s sensational dry yet intimate, comedic writing. The show is available to download for 48 hours with a donation of as little as £4, with all proceeds split between charities supporting those affected by the pandemic.

Honor it by doing so with a gin tin in hand, and wearing your best fluffy animal PJs for the guinea pigs.

2. Make a what-I-had-in-the-cupboard-sweet-lockdown pie

If you are one of the lucky ones who has hunted down a bag of flour or one of those who has found a bag stored in the pantry with a use by date of less than a year ago; congrats! Channel your inner Jenna and make a pie using the ingredients you have in the cupboards before settling down to watch the original Waitress movie, available to hire on Amazon Prime.

Here are some ideas for fillings: use up tinned fruit, granola and pecan, salted caramel and peanut?

If you don’t have any flour, why not try making an Easter themed no bake pie. Craft a crust out of rice crispy cereals and melted marshmallows and leave to chill. Fill your dish with a chocolate filling by using a hob to combine eggs, sugar and milk until the mixture thickens – you may need to add a thickening ingredient such as cornstarch. Add broken up bits of Easter egg and butter and stir until smooth, before pouring into your dish to cool in the fridge. Ta-dah!

3. Fly a kite and have a practically perfect afternoon

Whether it on your daily walk, in the garden or out of the window; why not make a kite before an evening of nostalgia and fun with Mary Poppins? All you’ll need to make a kite is a paper bag, some string, two sticks and some scissors, as per these instructions.

Both the original movie and the sequel, Mary Poppins Returns, are available to stream on Disney+ - which is offering a week free trial.

4. Escape to a Greek island

Yes, please! The next best alternative is to cook up a Greek inspired feast whilst dancing to songs by ABBA, and watching the feel-good Mamma Mia! Movies.

Most recipes require fresh ingredients, so may require a trip to the supermarket. On a budget with limited supplies available, I recommend picking up: basic salad such as leaves, tomatoes, red pepper and cucumber, olive oil to drizzle, a jar of olives, pitta breads, a tub of hummus or tzatziki, a block of feta cheese and an aubergine, for a banging meze platter.

Why not try peppers either baked with vinegar or stuffed with rice or cous cous, grilled aubergine or feta/halloumi sticks, or spicing up some meatballs?

5. It’s A Hard Knock Life

…and we certainly have the time to spruce up our living spaces with a deep clean, though it’s hard to find the motivation. Put on the clothes hidden in the depth of your wardrobe, open up those windows and get stuck in to a big clean. Press play on the Annie soundtrack and act out the best scene of the musical - just make sure you’re the Miss Hannigan, if you have the company! Afterwards pretend you’re living the life of luxury at the Warbucks. "Soap? No, bubbles, I think!"

6. If I Only Had A… Wizard of Oz theme

Combine your love for The Wizard of Oz and Wicked by celebrating the witches that marry the two. Mix washing up liquid and water to make Glinda’s bubbles in the garden, pull out your jazziest striped sock and heel combination or choose an outfit of green or pink and choose your side by drinking a representative cocktail or mocktails…

For a witch-like green punch, I recommend choosing ingredients such as: lemonade, lime cordial, mint, pineapple, and adding rum for an alcoholic kick.

For a perfect pink punch, try combining: raspberries, cranberry juice, ginger beer, lemon squeeze, and adding gin for an alcoholic top up.

7. A naughty Matilda themed brunch

Are meal times even a thing anymore? Don’t we just snack now? With a couple of lazy days ahead, what better time than to host a Matilda themed brunch? Whip up some pancakes (see: egg free recipe, gluten free, banana, vegan), and top with Easter treat.

Perhaps pay tribute to the legendary moment in which Bruce Bogtrotter devours a huge devilish chocolate cake by topping with crumbled cake, or Nutella spread. Then dive into a book you’ve left collecting dust on a shelf, then watch the classic movie on Netflix.

Additional activities include:

Stream your favourite theatre shows – What’s On have kept a definitive list!

Sing Karaoke using YouTube lyric videos, now is your time to learn Guns And Ships

Downloads the Heads Up app to your phone and choose the “Broadway” category to test your knowledge

Start running! Here’s our musical theatre playlist to get you motivated and On Your Feet!