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Animal Crossing, But Make It Theatre

Extended intervals have been playing in theatres across the world, as countries enter new phases of lockdown. For many, Animal Crossing New Horizons has been a place to escape and explore. The game has become an extension of expression that allows users to create a dreamworld that could be an illuminous cityscape, an idyllic rural countryside, a bustling busy marketplace or whatever they envision when they think of their happy place.

If you’re unfamiliar, the game sees you move to a faraway deserted island and you are able to farm and harvest materials to design and build your island as you desire. As well as collecting items, clothing and recipes, your island can be personalised in structure allowing you to build inclines, rivers and waterfalls, and if you have the patience, a double waterfall! Also, you can add flair and aesthetic with paths, fences and planting flowers and trees. From the clothes that your character wears, to the items in their home and the layout of your island; from the campsite, to villager’s houses, and the beaches to the shops, it really is yours to bring to life.

The best part is, that a lot of the items can be customised not only by visiting different islands and collecting styles but by designing your own patterns. Though, if like me, visual art is not your forte then fear not – users can share their designs with other players and send their ideas worldwide!

Of course, my happy place includes the theatre and there are plenty of ways to reflect that in your Animal Crossing Island. Within the ACNH community, talented designers have been posting their theatre inspired clothes, home decor and areas. Here are my top picks.

*All credit is to the designer, check out their IDs for more content!


Get into character by dressing like your favourite characters. Why not meet with friends and put together the full ensemble?


If cosplaying is not your thing, merchandise could be the answer. No more stiff circle neck tees, you're able to design your own, and I love this cosy Phantom of the Opera inspired jumper.

The design app comes with a star that would be perfect a Hamilton sweater, and a variety of blue shades will make a lovely DEH tee. How about a Harry Potter Christmas jumper, with your initials?


It's pretty easy to hang artwork in your Animal Crossing home, allowing you the space to build your show poster collection without the folder corners and Blu-Tac stains.

This nifty website, AC Patterns, allows you to upload images to be made into a square design that can be used for tees and for posters and canvases. So image search your favourite logo or cast recording cover and put it up.


Is there any better feeling than queuing at the merch stall in the lobby of a theatre? Animal Crossing New Horizons allows users to craft stalls that can be customised with designs. This means that you can design merchandise stalls to match the colours and iconic iconography of your favourite shows. You can even display the posters and clothes that you have found to match. Complete with a couple of Playbills. This creator has a great range!

An Orchard

Create an apple orchard that Evan Hansen would dream of!

Make a diner

After a long day of fishing, catching bugs and having small talk with villagers, you need a place to grab a milkshake. There is a range of diner inspired items available to collect and buy at Nooks, that can be teamed with custom designs to create a diner reminiscent of Waitress or Grease. Save a couple of pies, or design your own, and display them as hats - yes, it works!

Yellow brick road

This creator designed an incredible Wizard of Oz themed island. Plant a couple of red flowers, add braids and voila!

The Theatre Cafe

We are all missing London's hot spot for theatre, so you could make a cafe area inspired by the St Martin's hangout. Build a stage and place instruments that you collect, invite your friends over and play the 'Glee' reaction for cute photographs. You could even customise a panel for stage curtains. Don't forget to turn your bulletin board into an autograph collection by having any visitors sign it with their stage door messages.

Circus area

Get playful with circus themed codes and channel your inner Barnum. Use Nook Miles for a cotton candy and popcorn machine, and add a couple of fairground rides.

I'd love to see your islands, and hear your ideas!


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