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Everything You Need For A Hamilton Watch Party

Who would have thought that the room where it happened would have ever been a room in your home? Well, it certainly adds a bit of spice to the same four walls we have become accustomed to during the worldwide lockdown.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit musical, Hamilton, is coming screens around the world this Friday July 3rd via streaming platform Disney+.

I don’t think that an introduction is strictly necessary for a musical as ground-breaking as Hamilton. And even if it were, I’m not strictly certain that I could summarise it in a dissertation yet alone a blog post. It’s a revolutionary sung through musical approved by the Obamas, and a ticket became one of the most sought after in the world.

The stream lands at 8am BST and will be available for a limited time. It features the original Broadway cast, including Miranda in the title role joined by Phillipa Soo as Eliza and Leslie Odom Jr as Burr.

Here are five ways to mark the occasion:

1. Food is fuel

In the comfort of your own home, enjoy the spectacle with a feast set for a King! That’s if you can manage to sing along through mouthfuls…

2. Raise a glass to freedom

Well, it is a musical based around shots. Not the alcoholic type, more the opportunity and gun types, but we work with what we’ve got. And what we’ve got is alcohol.

If you’re planning a wild viewing, try taking a shot every time you hear: Alexander Hamilton, helpless, and of course, my shot!

For a slightly tamer version, try taking a shot every time: a year is mentioned, Hamilton writes a letter, or all three Schuyler sisters appear together.

Not feeling spirits? Grab a bottle of Samuel Adams lager. Or rustle up a Goldsberry Gin in honour of our Angelica.

3. Play a game of lyric bingo

Download and print our bingo card below and check off the boxes when you hear the lyrics. They’re not in order, so pay attention!

Share your progress via Instagram stories, remember to tag us @Cheekylittlematinee.

4. The ticket to the room where it happens

If you’re lucky enough to have caught the show in the West End, it has become an unwritten rule to store your ticket in your phone case as a keepsake. The small ticket stubs have become as iconic as a Wonka gold ticket.

Print off the template below, add your name and assigned sofa for a keepsake.

5. Interval reading

Playbill have made the Hamilton original cast Broadway Playbill available for viewing, downloading and printing. Check it out here. The file is designed to be printed and folded in half for pages to appear in order.


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