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Having A Chin-Wag With Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert is somewhat of an icon. With his powerful pop ballads, his stadium-filling performances with Queen, his fashion and style, his confidence and courage to represent those who are not given the opportunity to use their voice in the way that they should - Adam Lambert leaves a legacy with everything that he does. So, when the opportunity to speak to such an icon presents, you really must grab it.

That's exactly what I did for Clash magazine. We discussed his relationship with Freddie Mercury and the timeless songs he left behind, empowerment in pop music, and the 70s feel of his latest EP; VELVET Side A. Oh, and where to find a good suit.


Adam Lambert has created a mood that you can slip into as easily as you can a velvet smoking jacket. Entering his new record, 'VELVET: Side A', is like stepping onto a runway of Versace, accompanied by your tiny dog companion. Pathed by funky basslines and sultry vocals and led with confidence and pride; It will fit you like a glove.

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