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Big Fun! A Q&A With the Cast of Heathers (Tour)

Across the country; plaid skirts are being paired with wicked blazers and knee-high socks, hair is being tied back in scrunchies and stilettos polished. Heathers is rolling into town and you'd best believe, it's the hottest ticket in town.

Based on the cult 80s movie, the musical follows a toxic pair doomed for tragedy as they seek vengeance against the societal hierarchy of high school. At Westerberg, high-school outsiders aren’t just subject to eating lunch alone in the loo and flushed PE kits, lessons are squared more with handfuls of pills, spades, and nooses. However, this dark comedy is alluring and irresistible with bold characters and unwavering energy - it'll have you questioning your emotions with tender moments followed by wrecking ball damage.

The fast-paced musical is gloriously glossy and holds no prisoners with a rollicking soft rock score, devilish one-liners, and sassy choreography.

Heathers is brilliantly brutal, brass and beloved.

We had a quickfire Q&A with leads; Rebecca Wickes (Veronica Sawer) and Simon Gordon (JD), and Georgina Hagen (Ms. Fleming/Veronica’s Mum) to learn more about the big fun the company is having on tour.

What were you like at seventeen?

Rebecca Wickes: At 17 I was auditioning and working so hard to get into drama school! I couldn’t wait to start training and learning about what I love every single day!

Simon Gordon: Naive. Cocky. Shy. Ambitious.

Georgina Hagen: I was a total geek on UK tour with We Will Rock You! I was learning all about the industry and was loving every minute.

Did you ever write a diary as a teen?

Rebecca: I actually didn’t write a diary as a teen! I wish I did because it would be so nice to look back on all the memories.

Simon: I wrote one for a little while. I remember writing about how much I fancied this girl called Emma at school. I made her a Valentine’s Day present and was too shy to give it to her.

Georgina: I think I always tried to, did a day or two, then stopped.

What’s your greatest memory from high school?

Rebecca: I don’t have one specific greatest memory - I absolutely loved my time at high school and made friends for life!

Simon: My music teachers. They convinced me to sing. I was too cool for it until teenage me realised girls really liked it if boys could sing.

Georgina: Probably having my braces removed and going in for that first day with new teeth! I finally wasn’t afraid to smile!

What do you wish you could tell your high school self?

Rebecca: To trust that everything will work out just the way it should.

Simon: I know high school feels like a big deal right now, but trust me, it’s a very small part of your life in the grand scheme of things. Also, buy Bitcoin.

Georgina: To believe in myself and have more confidence than i had.

What was your yearbook quote?

Rebecca: I probably said something along the lines of ‘thanks for the best few years!’ Something cliche like that!

Simon: Less haste, more speed.

Georgina: I think I just signed my name and wrote the year I graduated… which was 2007!

How did your end of year report card read?

Rebecca: I honestly can’t remember but I never misbehaved in school, I was always such a goody two shoes.

Simon: My teachers usually commented on how laid back I was. It was their diplomatic way of telling me to stop being a dreamer.

Georgina: I absolutely cannot remember! I’m fairly certain my mum has kept it somewhere.

House parties – were you ever in attendance?

Rebecca: Of course!

Simon: Always.

Georgina: Oh yes!

Did you have a signature hair style throughout school?

Rebecca: For as long as I can remember I always had some form of fringe. I think in school I had a massive side swoop fringe, looking back now, it wasn’t my best look!

Simon: The Leonadro DiCaprio Titanic slick-back.

Georgina: Topknot!

Is there a snack you couldn’t get through tour without feasting on?

Rebecca: I do love popcorn.

Simon: Water.

Georgina: Apple slices & peanut butter!

What would you buy from a candy store?

Rebecca: I’m not really a candy girl! I’m much more of a savoury person, but if I had to choose… any chocolate would do!

Simon: Riesen - chocolate covered toffee chewy things.

Georgina: Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

Go-to Slurpee flavour?

Rebecca: Mixed flavour all day long.

Simon: Always a mixture!

Georgina: Blue raspberry.

How do you have big fun whilst on tour between shows?

Rebecca: We have such an amazing cast so we always spend our time together!

Simon: Eat food and relax with the beautiful people in the company. We’re like a little family. Well, actually a big family!

Georgina: We’ll either go out for food together or bring food back to our dressing rooms and chat or play games!

Favourite primary colour?

Rebecca: I guess I have to say blue.. right?

Simon: Blue.

Georgina: Red.

What’s your go-to anthem from the 80s?

Rebecca: How can you choose one!? Got to go with ‘Never Too Much’!

Simon: ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’. I dare you to put it on and not sing along.

Georgina: ‘Waiting For A Star To Fall’!

Make It Beautiful – why should people watch Heathers on tour?

Rebecca: Because there truly isn’t another show like Heathers! If you want a night filled with laughter, happiness and some dark humour, Heathers is the one for you!

Simon: This story is even more relevant today than it was when it was written back in the 80s. The company are incredible. Guaranteed laughs!

Georgina: This show is the epitome of love, acceptance, and growth… the story that every character goes through is beautiful and by the end the audience leave feeling gooey inside!

Heathers is currently playing at Nottingham Theatre Royal till 4th September before touring the UK. Book your tickets, here!


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