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Interview: Kingsley Morton (The Addams Family)

“In the first audition they got us all into a line and made us click. If you couldn’t, you were cut.” deadpans Kingsley Morton, before smiling, “I’m joking, of course!”

Kingsley is currently starring as Wednesday Addams in the UK tour of The Addams Family - bringing the kooky family to local neighbourhoods.

The musical comedy follows Wednesday, the original meme queen from Tumblr profiles and a go-to gothic style icon for any teen, as she falls in love with a young man from a respectable family. There’s chaos and confusion as the families prepare to meet for a fateful dinner.

“My family is very small, it’s just me, my mum and my sister.” Kingsley says, “So the message of the show is one I’ve always connected with.”

“If there is a secret amongst us, it can create a lot of tension and friction, which is what is happening throughout the show with the Addams!”

As perhaps one of the most famous families in the world, the Addams have transcended generations, gracing TV screens and Halloween parties, with their quirks and oddities.

“Most families can see a lot of themselves in the Addams, or see something they’d like to see in themselves. Pair that with their dark humour and you’ve got an absolute winning combination.

“They’re the perfectly imperfect family and I think that’s why everyone loves them!” Says Kingsley.

The opening number, "When You’re An Addams" introduces the audience to the family values and ways of life, it’s also Kingsley’s favourite to perform.

It’s a celebratory number, that gets hips swinging and toes tapping. Honestly, you might be too busy vibing to catch the snaky darkness of the lyrics summoning dead ancestors but if you do, your lips will curl into a delightfully uncomfortable smile. Excitement bubbles at the thought of being an honorary member for the night.

“The score has a little bit of everything in it from traditional Broadway to Latin to pop and rock. There’s something for everyone and I love inclusive scores that manage to do that!” Kingsley says, crediting the live band on the tour.

Based around a family so iconic in popular culture, The Addams Family musical really does shine a light on its influences and influence.

Comedy, drama and tenderness accentuate both the lightness and the darkness in growing up and growing old with those nearest and dearest.

This is best observed in Kingsley’s favourite scene to watch - when Gomez performs "Happy/Sad". It’s a gorgeous, heartfelt ballad from father to daughter.

“It’s honestly the most beautiful moment in the show, I do just find myself sitting back and watching for the most part.

“I also love watching the audience in that part, as they’re always completely transfixed. It’s a song a lot of people can relate to as well, so there are quite a few tears shed by both the audience and cast/crew backstage, too. It really is just a magical part of the show.”

Photo by Pamela Raith

This is her professional debut, but her second time playing Wednesday. Fortunately for us, Kingsley hasn’t picked up Wednesday’s love for wielding a crossbow or torturing siblings.

However, playing Wednesday has taught her to “take more chances in life.”

“She’s definitely a character who does something first and thinks about it later. I’m definitely the opposite the majority of the time!”

Since graduating, Kingsley has had to wait to start on the tour which was delayed due to the pandemic. “I’d not really left London my whole life.” she explains, so has been enjoying making the most of seeing the UK. “Touring has been great so far, it’s like touring with one massive family.”

As touring families go, the Addams can’t be a bad one to have.

The Addams Family tours the UK this year.


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